A Better Package for Loaners

A Better Package for Loaners


A torn wrapped tray can be detrimental to the OR schedule and to patients.
Recently, a customer informed us that a U.S. veteran was scheduled to have surgery. The patient commuted with his family several hours to the large metropolitan hospital where surgery was scheduled, taking time off work and paying for hotel accommodations in the area.

After being prepped and ready for surgery, the surgical case was suddenly cancelled due to one thing: a torn blue wrapped loaner tray.

Loaner instrument sets are inevitable at most facilities across the nation.
No one facility can afford to purchase every type of specialty surgical set. Nonetheless, loaners present challenges to sterile processing departments – for example not having enough time to process or having to review new cleaning requirements when delivered. Additionally, many facilities still wrap these sets because they do not have another option.

Eliminate the headaches of blue wrap.
Case Medical’s SteriTite® container is designed for “loaners”. We provide a durable, rigid, reusable sealed container system that packages multi-level trays and is validated for use with all current sterilizers and devices. SteriTite® containers are proven to be drier than other containers on the market for safer outcome and productivity.

Partner with Case Medical today to provide container options for your loaner instrument trays. Together, we can keep patients safe and meet the requirements of the OR for efficiency and productivity.

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