A New Website for our Next Exciting Chapter

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A New Website for our New Chapter


This September Case Medical turns 25 years old and we are celebrating with the launch of a brand new company website at www.casemed.com!

Case MedicalThe first things you will notice when you visit the site are the improved graphics, a much cleaner layout and a simplified organizational structure. All-in-all these improvements create a more inviting impression for visitors while providing faster, easier access to critical product and company information.

But the site is not just better looking and easier to use – it is also much more informative. The following provides an overview of the major sections of the website and the categories of information available. If you see something that interests you, click on the link to learn more.

Products: Over the years Case Medical has developed hundreds products in thousands of variations for multiple audiences. To make it easier to understand our full range of products we

simplified the assortment into four main categories: Containers, Chemistries, Carts and Software. Each category page provides a high level description of the design and manufacturing advantages that separate our products from others offering similar products, as well as intuitive icons that make it easy to navigate between product classes.


Advantages: Beyond the specific features that elevate each product class above its peers, there are core competencies built into the DNA of all our products that cut-across all categories. Top among these is our 360 degree system, a holistic approach that ensures a continuity of quality throughout all stages of the reprocessing process. Other assortment-wide advantages include sustainability, validation and universal compatibility.


Benefits: Enough about us! While the products and advantages sections focus on what we have to offer, the benefits section is all about what’s in it for you – our customers. This section makes the connection between Case Medical offerings and the ability of healthcare facilities to manage costs, improve quality of care, prevent infections and support more successful outcomes. In all, the benefits section makes a compelling case for any facility looking to standardize their reprocessing needs.

The OEM section describes the comprehensive offerings and detailed requirements that OEM partners need – all in one convenient section. OEM categories include: a customization program where engineers and product specialists work with medical device manufacturers to design and manufacture custom cases and trays that meet their exact specifications and provide the highest levels of organization and protection for their medical devices; a modularity offering that develops case and tray sets for medical device companies and healthcare facilities with off-the-shelf components to meet surgeons’ preferences; loaner drop-ins featuring DIN sized containers that provide a more durable alternative to wrap; labeling for customized logos and layouts, a Loaner Locate software system that streamlines and manages the loaner tray process and a facility list that details all of our OEM capabilities.

Our Resources section provides links to educational and professional development materials – and be sure to look for the link to Case Academy at the top of every page.

The About Us section is provided so you can get to know us better and includes information about our mission statement and corporate citizenship activities.

Please take some time to look over our site and let us know what you think.

Warm Regards,
Marcia Frieze, CEO, and the Case Medical Team

Case Medical | 19 Empire BLVD., South Hackensack, NJ
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