Corporate Citizenship

The Case Medical Capstone Team, a team comprised of senior students of the New Jersey Institute of Technology, presents their research and progress on a company-sponsored project to their fellow classmates.

Corporate citizenship means being a good neighbor in our community and establishing a foundation based on best business practices, ethical behavior, and social responsibility.

Case Medical supports the manufacturing sector by participation in industry and university initiatives to advance manufacturing by identifying educational pathways for future workers and the underemployed.  With a commitment to sustainability, Case Medical takes a leadership role within the health care industry to promote a safer and healthier environment. On an industry level, Case Medical has worked in concert with state legislators on a variety of issues to improve delivery of healthcare products and services to our customer base and their patients.

Diversity Drives Success

Case Medical provides jobs in advanced manufacturing, software development, and executive positions to a diverse workforce. Case Medical is a Women-Owned Business Enterprise as well as a Small Business Enterprise. Our goal is to attract diverse talent that is developed and supported through thoughtful inclusion efforts that lead to better performance and opportunities for upward mobility. In addition, we encourage diversity in the supply chain by supporting customers’ supplier diversity initiatives.