Sustainability is not simply a good habit, it is the right thing to do for people and for the environment.

That’s why Case Medical is the only Medical Device Reprocessing Manufacturer ever recognized by the US EPA as a Safer Choice Partner of the Year.

Case Medical is an industry front runner in providing safer, more effective products and services to the health care industry.

Our SteriTite containers and MediTray products are reusable medical devices, anodized and passivated for corrosion resistance, designed for longevity and durability.

Our instrument chemistries are composed of only the safest ingredients in their class that are validated for effectiveness and meet all requirements for environmental preference:  To be biodegradable, free rinsing, readily dispersible, free of toxic and hazardous chemicals.

Case Medical is committed to reducing the chemical footprint by finding new uses for our existing products.

A Sustainable Manufacturer

Case Medical has incorporated into our facility energy savings devices, mandatory recycling of materials, a water treatment center for safe disposal of residuals back into the waste water steam, and a culture of sustainability. Case Medical is proud to be awarded a US EPA Safer Choice partner of the year for manufacturer formulator, to participate in the CleanGredients advisory board, and to be a contributor to the Sustainability Road Map for Hospitals.

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