All Water is Not Created Equally

All Water is Not Created Equally

Water is the universal solvent and the raw material used for producing instrument chemistries for medical device reprocessing and patient care. However, water is not necessarily safe for medical device reprocessing. Tap water may contain toxins, hazardous chemicals, hard water ions and microorganisms. Softened and DI water remove some but not all contaminants and do not filter out microorganisms. Further softened water may contain chemical contaminants. That is why Case Medical supports the use of high purity RO water for our manufacturing processes and for the solvent used in our instrument chemistries.

Surgical instrument cleaning needs high purity, low endotoxin water. The advantage of RO water is excellent impurity removal, including particulate matter, organic molecules and pyrogens, and it is pH neutral.

Case Medical is pleased to offer you a full line of facility based and industrial based RO water systems, as well as process monitors such as conductivity, hardness and TDS monitoring equipment. According to Microbiology & Quality Associates, “Water purification systems must be monitored regularly to verify the quality of the water produced because such systems potentially can harbor high levels of bacteria and other impurities.”

Thorough rinsing with RO water is a critical consideration at all stages of medical device reprocessing. Research has confirmed that cleaning with RO water because it is pure can expedite the process and contribute to better outcomes.  Contact us now to learn more about our Safer Choice label cleaners, our RO water treatment systems, and our monitors for water quality checks.

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