Bring your Kids to Work Day 2018!

Sharing, Learning, and Understanding

National Take Our Daughters and Sons to Work Day is recognized on the fourth Thursday in April each year. This annual event is an educational program in the United States and Canada where parents take their children to work with them for one day. It’s an important opportunity to introduce kids to the real-life activities that take place at a modern workspace.

This has become a tradition at Case Medical where we welcome the kids to spend a day with their parents at work.  In this way, the children understand how a manufacturing facility operates, what it takes to make a quality product, and better understand what their parents do each day when they come to work.  This year besides sharing a day with their parents, we had art projects, set building with MediTray components, and goodies to share.

Warm Regards,

Marcia Frieze, CEO, and the Case Medical Team

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