Case Medical earns Safer Choice designation for CasePrep® non-enzymatic pre-soak solution


Case Medical earns Safer Choice designation
for CasePrep® non-enzymatic pre-soak solution

An effective, free-rinsing point-of-use pre-cleaner
for surgical instruments


South Hackensack, NJ – December 18, 2019 – Case Medical today announced that the their CasePrep® Non-Enzymatic Pre-Soak Spray and Foam received formal approval to display the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency’s Safer Choice Program seal. All ingredients have been evaluated by the Safer Choice Program and determined to be safer than traditional chemical ingredients for both people and the environment, while providing equal or better performance. Case Medical is the only manufacturer of Safer Choice listed products for medical and surgical instrument care.

CasePrep non-enzymatic pre-soak is particularly suited for facilities that choose not to use enzyme-containing products, such as Eye Surgery Centers. CasePrep pre-soak joins a full line of Safer Choice labelled cleaners and a lubricant formulated and manufactured by Case Medical for use in Sterile Processing Departments, Endoscopy Suites, Ambulatory Surgery Centers, and anywhere where cleaning and care of surgical instruments is needed.

“Case Medical’s mission is to promote healthier hospitals and patients. Our approach blends high-quality products, customer collaboration, and a sustainability mindset. When customers approached us asking for a highly-effective point-of-use cleaner without enzymes, we developed CasePrep Pre-Soak to meet their needs,” states Marcia Frieze, CEO.

Point-of-use cleaning, also known as pre-treatment, removes gross soil and bioburden from instruments immediately following use to help prevent biofilm formation and make subsequent processing steps more effective. It’s a critical step and is aligned with industry best practices and standards. ANSI/AAMI ST79 Comprehensive guide to steam sterilization and sterility assurance in health care facilities states that:

Preparation for decontamination of instruments should begin at the point of use. To prevent the formation of biofilm and to reduce the risk of corrosion, cleaning and decontamination should occur as soon as possible after instruments and equipment are used. (AAMI ST79 6.3.1)

CasePrep® non-enzymatic pre-soak spray is provided as a ready to use, foamy solution that quickly loosens and removes organic and inorganic contaminants found on surgical devices, while keeping instruments moist for subsequent cleaning steps. CasePrep solution should be applied directly to items at point of use. Case Medical also offers an enzymatic pre-treatment product, PentaPrep® Multi-Enzymatic Pre-Soak Spray and Foam, that carries the Safer Choice designation.

About Case Medical

Case Medical is the undisputed quality leader in instrument processing products and services, known for the industry-leading customizable container system, SteriTite® Universal Sealed Container with MediTray® Components. Our SuperNova® and Case Solutions® cleaners and lubricant carry the US EPA Safer Choice label and we are a three-time Partner of the Year honoree.

Case Medical is a nationally recognized Tier-1 Diversity Supplier, WBE, SBE, FDA registered, ISO 13485 and 27001 certified manufacturer of safe, sustainable, and cost-effective products for instrument processing. Visit our website or call 888-227-CASE (2273) for more information about our company and our products for infection prevention.

CasePrep is a registered trademark of Case Medical.


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