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Get Ready for Some Pre-Spring Pre-Cleaning

Brush Up on the Basics According to the famous groundhog Punxsutawney Phil, an early spring is supposed to be just around the corner. And for many of us, that means spring cleaning season is not far behind. On the other hand, the outside temperatures here in New Jersey are still very cold and piles of… Read more »

The Importance of the Safer Choice Label

What’s Inside Does Matter Product labeling can be technical and difficult to understand. This is true for ice cream, frozen meals, shampoo, home cleaning products, and cleaners used in the Sterile Processing Department. You shouldn’t need a degree in chemistry to understand whether the products you use at home or in your work environment is… Read more »

The Care and Handling of Medical Devices

Free CE-credited education Whether as simple as a scalpel or as complex as a flexible endoscope or robotic surgical system, every surgical instrument owned by a healthcare facility represents an investment. And each investment requires appropriate care and maintenance to ensure a long, useful life. Taking care of your first car Think back to your… Read more »

Top 3 Reasons to Use our Endoscopy Bedside Kit

Pre-cleaning can be quick and easy Pre-cleaning flexible endoscopes is critical to successful cleaning and further reprocessing. And time is of the essence. Make it quick and easy to pre-clean immediately after the procedure at point of use with the Case Medical Endoscopy Bedside Kit. Each carton includes supplies for pre-cleaning 12 endoscopes—with a pack… Read more »