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Top 3 Reasons to Use our Endoscopy Bedside Kit

Pre-cleaning can be quick and easy Pre-cleaning flexible endoscopes is critical to successful cleaning and further reprocessing. And time is of the essence. Make it quick and easy to pre-clean immediately after the procedure at point of use with the Case Medical Endoscopy Bedside Kit. Each carton includes supplies for pre-cleaning 12 endoscopes—with a pack… Read more »

ECRI 2019 Top 10 Hazards: Return of the Endoscopes

Endoscope reprocessing a familiar topic with 11th appearance on hazards list Endoscope Reprocessing continues to challenge healthcare administrators, providers, and sterile processing departments. Landing in the #5 spot on the ECRI Institute’s 2019 Top 10 Health Technology Hazards, endoscope reprocessing makes its 11th all time appearance on the list. This year the ECRI focus is:… Read more »

Is “Busy” Getting in the Way of Safe?

Integrity Protects Patients from “I’m so busy” Lately it seems “I’m so busy” is the new badge of honor. Over-scheduled and over-committed is the new normal. When people who are busy believe that “everything is important”, then, as the old adage goes, “nothing is important.” It’s time to reset and focus on doing the truly… Read more »

Reduce Complexity with the Right Tools

Keep it Simple Not having the proper tool for a job inevitably leads to frustration, and sometimes even to complete failure. Have you ever tried to scrape your frost-covered windshield with a gas station loyalty card? It’s a desperate move that you wouldn’t make if you had a better choice. Such as the correct tool… Read more »

Make Work Simpler with the Convenience of Kits

A Kit for Everything Suddenly “kits” are everywhere. As a group, the growth and popularity of subscription kits are predicted to continue into 2019 for product categories like clothing (Stich Fix and Trunk Club), food (HelloFresh, Blue Apron), personal care (Harry’s, Dollar Shave Club), and others. Despite the wide variety of categories, the appeal of… Read more »

Three “A”s for Infection Prevention Success in 2019

New Year …. New Commitment to Infection Prevention Happy New Year! When making your list of resolutions for 2019, consider adding a commitment to break the “Breach and Blame” cycle that inevitably follows a failure in instrument reprocessing practices. Instead of focusing energy on post-incident arguments and finger pointing that inevitably follow significant breaches in… Read more »

Five Things We’re Proud of – 2018 Edition

Proud Moments from 2018 In these final days of 2018, we’d like to reflect on, and share with you, some of this year’s proudest accomplishments at Case Medical. And for each of these accomplishments, we also recognize and thank the many co-workers and collaborators who made it possible. It takes a team to make a… Read more »

Case Medical Wishes You a Happy and Healthy Holiday!

Case Medical Wishes You a Happy and Healthy Holiday! The holidays are a time of good food, family fun and of course seasonal songs. Over the years many of the classic tunes have been rearranged and rewritten and, in many cases sound even better. This is not one of those cases. However, in the spirit… Read more »

Is there a storm brewing in your SPD?

Is there a storm brewing in your SPD? You could say that Sterile Processing is the science of minimizing risk. Carefully following IFUs, reducing bio-burden, monitoring process parameters minimize the risk that viable microorganisms will survive and potentially be transferred to the next patient awaiting care. However, even in the best processing departments errors can… Read more »

2019 Guide to Selecting Reusable Sterilization Containers

Considerations for SPD Effectiveness and Patient Safety Purchasing new sterilization containers can be a daunting task. It can be challenging to select the container system best suited to meet your needs, that is compatible with your sterilizer, and adheres to regulatory requirements.  In just the past few years, several brands, both filtered and filter-less, have… Read more »