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Farewell, Carefree Days of Summer

Watch out for Fleas and Ticks this Summer Federal officials blame hotter weather, jet travel, forested suburbs and slow vaccine development for the presence of ticks thriving in regions previously too cold for them …NY Times The number of people being infected by diseases from mosquitoes, ticks and fleas has tripled in the United States from 2004 to 2016,… Read more »

Tariffs are Bad for Business

Tariffs are Bad for Business On August 14, 2018, Case Medical attended a consortium of NJ Manufacturers and a bipartisan legislative committee to discuss common issues facing our industry. Marcia Frieze, CEO Case Medical, joined a panel that focused on the new federal tariffs on aluminum and steel. Manufacturing in New Jersey is a $45.9 billion industry that employs… Read more »

Reduce Risk by Preventing Surface Damage

Understand the danger of surface damage on aluminum and stainless steel In the harsh environments of the sterile processing department—automated washers, ultra-sonic cleaners, high temperature steam sterilizers and low temperature chemical sterilizers—instruments and containers need to be able to withstand challenging conditions. Rusted and corroded surfaces have microscopic pits and fissures that can harbor and… Read more »

Stay Dry, Stay Alive

Dry Outcomes for Safer Patient Care One of the first rules of survival is “…to stay dry, is to stay alive.” Just as there was grave concern of infection for the soccer team trapped in the damp wet cave in Thailand, the same can be applied to a wet instrument set after sterilization. Moisture trapped within… Read more »

Safer and More Effective Pre-Cleaning of Flexible Endoscopes

Endoscope Reprocessing Top 10 Health Hazard By now, most of us know that reprocessing of flexible endoscopes has maintained its position as one of the top 10 health hazards for the past ten years. Last year, number 1 and this year number 2, following cyber security. Improperly processed endoscopes have been the cause of disease… Read more »

All Water is Not Created Equally

All Water is Not Created Equally Water is the universal solvent and the raw material used for producing instrument chemistries for medical device reprocessing and patient care. However, water is not necessarily safe for medical device reprocessing. Tap water may contain toxins, hazardous chemicals, hard water ions and microorganisms. Softened and DI water remove some… Read more »

Safer Products for Patient Care

Safer Products for Patient Care “Today we can go up and down the aisles of commercial establishments, retail stores and online to find products displaying the Safer Choice label.” We can also find Safer Choice labeled products in health care facilities. In 2015, the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency introduced the Safer Choice program to meet the… Read more »

ASC Infection Rates Following Endoscopies are on the Rise

 ASC Infection Rates Following Endoscopies are on the Rise Surgical advancements have made it possible for more surgeries and procedures to be performed in outpatient settings rather than in traditional hospital facilities. These ASC procedures tend to be more convenient and less expensive alternatives. With this comes an increased awareness and need for infection control… Read more »

The Importance of Infection Prevention and Control

The Importance of Infection Prevention and Control All of us in health care whether a provider or a vendor strive to do the very best we can for patients and for our communities. At Case Medical, we dedicate ourselves to creating products that work to prevent the transmission of healthcare acquired infections. From our US EPA… Read more »

Happy Memorial Day!

Happy Memorial Day! We wish you all a pleasant Memorial Day Weekend and thank the men and women who served and continue to serve our country. My dad pictured here, a former WWII pilot was a chemist and would be proud that his family supports patients and the people who serve our country with safer… Read more »