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Endoscope Processing Seminar

Endoscope Processing Webinar Greetings, Learn how best practices for Endoscope Processing can contribute to safer patient outcomes. Case Medical is pleased to offer you continuing education credits while expanding your knowledge and skills. Join us on February 15, 2018 for our first quarterly webinar of the year -Endoscope Processing presented by Nancy Chobin, RN, CSPM, Co-chair of the AAMI Endoscope… Read more »

Monitoring, the Second Critical Step

Monitoring, The Critical Second Step Greetings, Cleaning is the Critical First Step. Monitoring is the Second ANSI/AAMI ST79 and other guidance documents provide the rationale for routine monitoring. What used to be a weekly task has become a daily requirement. Recognizing the importance of monitoring the cleaning process, Case Medical’s recently patented Case Soil Wash Indicator is designed to check… Read more »

Happy New Year from Case Medical

Case Medical Wishes You A Happy and Healthy 2018 Greetings, While we plan for the coming year, we would like to review some of our accomplishments over the last 12 months. Most of you know Case Medical for our products for instrument processing, especially our SteriTite, universal, sealed container. You may be less familiar about some of our other products and… Read more »

Case Medical’s Gift to You

Education and Innovation, Case Medical‘s Gift to You Greetings, In the spirit of giving, we at Case Medical support education and personal development. We are excited to announce that we will be restarting our educational seminars in 2018. We will kick off the New Year with an updated, informative program on Endoscope Reprocessing. Join us on February 15, 2018 for our… Read more »

Replace or Recondition?

Replace or Recondition? Greetings, During a recent visit to a new surgery center customer, we were shown instruments that were in various stages of corrosion due to the use of an inferior cleaner, in combination with poor water quality. It looked as if they were going to have to replace most of their instrumentation. We offered a sample… Read more »

Happy Thanksgiving

Happy Thanksgiving Greetings, This year, we at Case Medical are thankful for the opportunity to contribute to the healthcare community. Through our valued and supportive customers, we are able to provide safer, more effective and sustainable products for instrument processing which lead to safer patient outcomes. Regarding storage, Case Medical has addressed the issue of dry vs. wet loads in… Read more »

Endoscopy’s Dirty Little Secret

Endoscopy’s Dirty Little Secret Greetings, Last week, AAMI published a listing of the Top 10 Technology Threats of 2018 . As one might expect cybersecurity took the top spot, but hazard number two was endoscope reprocessing. Confronted with this news, one might logically assume that reprocessing departments are redoubling their efforts to follow established procedures and reduce this… Read more »

Home of the Free, Because of the Brave

Honoring Our Veterans Greetings, Veterans Day began as Armistice Day, a U.S. legal holiday to honor the end of World War I, which officially took place on November 11, 1918. Today, people throughout the country will gather together to remember, to honor, and to pay gratitude to those who have selflessly served our country. The writer… Read more »

Are there oyster forks in your instrument trays?

Are there oyster forks in your instrument trays? Greetings, Consider the formal dinner setting in the adjacent image. It includes every fork, knife, spoon, glass, dish and bowl that could possibly be needed for any type of dinner. But in reality, how often is a specialized instrument like the oyster fork on the far right really… Read more »

360 Degree Approach

A Holistic Approach to Instrument Reprocessing Greetings, Medical device reprocessing is a complex process. It involves prepping, processing, transporting, storing and tracking whatever is needed for a surgical procedure. Most of all, it means ensuring that instrument sets are complete, undamaged and safe to use for patient care. As with any multi-step process, the potential… Read more »