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New AAMI Guidelines for IUSS

NO MORE PANS! Greetings, AAMI ST79 is the go-to reference for sterilization and processing in all healthcare facilities, and provides guidelines for validation/verification testing.  In 2017, a few changes were made and most notably an update in how IUSS sets are processed and packaged. Section 10.2.3 states: “IUSS should be kept to a minimum and should… Read more »

The World’s Strongest Reusable Container

It takes Herculean effort to destroy a SteriTite® container Greetings, Case Medical is known as the quality leader for rigid reusable sterilization containers – providing the world’s most universally validated container. Crafted of aircraft grade anodized aluminum, Case Medical’s SteriTite® container can be used in both high and low temperature sterilization including IUSS, meeting AAMI’s new guidelines requiring IUSS loads… Read more »

It’s Central Sterile Week!

CELEBRATE!! Greetings, At Case Medical, we’d like to take a moment to celebrate and thank the hard work and dedication of all central service staff members. Through tireless dedication, you and your teams ensure patient safety is continuously on the forefront of all that you do. Coincidentally, Case Medical is also celebrating 25 years in business – working to provide the… Read more »

25 Years of Innovation

Happy Anniversary Greetings, Twenty five years ago, Case Medical started its quarter-century commitment to providing high quality, cost effective and safer products for medical instrument reprocessing. Looking back, the world was a much different place when Case Medical opened its doors. The year was 1992. Southern Florida was devastated by one of the largest hurricanes in decades. International interest was focused on Barcelona, Spain where competing factions… Read more »

Monitoring Your Cleaning Effectiveness

Greetings, It is well known that cleaning is the critical first step in reprocessing of medical devices.  But, how do you know whether your devices are truly clean and safe for patient care and handling?  Case Medical offers cleaners that are validated, Safer Choice awarded, and developed for efficient and effective medical device reprocessing.  We don’t expect that you would simply take our word… Read more »

Case Medical- The Safer Choice

Sustainable Cleaners for Home and Institutional Use Greetings, The health of our children are in your hands. It’s nearly September and our children and grandchildren are heading back to school. How safe are the cleaning products they will be exposed to? Whether it be for the classroom, household chores, or for the health care facility, finding… Read more »

How to Reduce Instrument Damage

A healthcare facility’s surgical instrument inventory is a valuable asset and critical for safe patient care Greetings, At Case Medical, we understand the need for surgical devices to be properly processed and in good working order for the surgical procedure. Often, instruments are damaged during handling, transport and even when processed. If not properly secured in… Read more »

What do Adidas and Case Medical Have in common?

What do Adidas and Case Medical have in common? Greetings, Sustainability is not simply a good habit, it is the right thing to do for people and for the environment. At Case Medical, our mission is to promote best practices for the health and well-being of patients, healthcare staff and future generations. Case Medical is… Read more »

A New Website for our Next Exciting Chapter

A New Website for our New Chapter Greetings, This September Case Medical turns 25 years old and we are celebrating with the launch of a brand new company website at! The first things you will notice when you visit the site are the improved graphics, a much cleaner layout and a simplified organizational structure.… Read more »

Sustainability: Not only a good habit, but the right thing to do

How Hospitals Can Heal the Planet Greetings, Hospitals provide services to improve the health and well being of patients in their community. However, hospitals use twice the energy than other commercial buildings, produce 18,000 tons of CO2 annually, and each bed uses 700,000 gallons of water annually. Between energy consumption, greenhouse emissions, water usage and… Read more »