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How to Reduce Instrument Damage

A healthcare facility’s surgical instrument inventory is a valuable asset and critical for safe patient care Greetings, At Case Medical, we understand the need for surgical devices to be properly processed and in good working order for the surgical procedure. Often, instruments are damaged during handling, transport and even when processed. If not properly secured in… Read more »

What do Adidas and Case Medical Have in common?

What do Adidas and Case Medical have in common? Greetings, Sustainability is not simply a good habit, it is the right thing to do for people and for the environment. At Case Medical, our mission is to promote best practices for the health and well-being of patients, healthcare staff and future generations. Case Medical is… Read more »

A New Website for our Next Exciting Chapter

A New Website for our New Chapter Greetings, This September Case Medical turns 25 years old and we are celebrating with the launch of a brand new company website at! The first things you will notice when you visit the site are the improved graphics, a much cleaner layout and a simplified organizational structure.… Read more »

Sustainability: Not only a good habit, but the right thing to do

How Hospitals Can Heal the Planet Greetings, Hospitals provide services to improve the health and well being of patients in their community. However, hospitals use twice the energy than other commercial buildings, produce 18,000 tons of CO2 annually, and each bed uses 700,000 gallons of water annually. Between energy consumption, greenhouse emissions, water usage and… Read more »

Happy 4th of July

Happy Independence Day! As we celebrate the weekend with parades, parties and fireworks with friends and family, we encourage you to support this great country by buying American products. True to the American spirit of ingenuity, Case Medical is dedicated to supplying only the best products and services for instrument processing that are safe, effective,… Read more »

Reusable Medical Devices with the Greatest Infection Risk

  Case Medical provides quality products and services for instrument processing Devices with the Greatest Risk This month, the Food and Drug Administration published a list of reusable medical devices that hold the greatest risk of infection transmission. Flexible and rigid endoscopes are at the top of the list, as are various complex lumened devices… Read more »

Case Medical Sponsored Events at the IAHCSMM Conference

Join us this weekend in Nashville. We welcome all IAHCSMM attendees to Case Medical’s hands­on workshop, presentations and best practices game at our booth to receive CEUs and expand your instrument processing knowledge. The following Case Medical activities are taking place at the Gaylord Opryland Resort & Convention Center in Nashville, TN: Saturday, May 6,… Read more »

Case Medical Products: US Made for the Global Economy

If you were to evaluate all the products you use on a daily basis, how many of them are actually made in the USA? Chances are, not many. In efforts to promote economic growth and create jobs that strengthen our work force, a new executive order was recently signed by President Trump that greatly impacts… Read more »

Not Everything a Rep Tells You is True

Recently, we’ve heard from several of our colleagues that Halyard is now promoting a new QC check… filling up containers with water and turning them on their sides to see water pouring out. Apparently, a rep called “Penny” has taken it upon herself to provide misleading quality control instructions to create doubt about how containers… Read more »

The CASE Cart

A stainless steel case cart with adjustable, perforated shelves and the perfect size. What can be better? Have you ever had a blue wrapped tray get snagged in the wire shelving of a case cart? What about containers not fitting and when you try, you can’t even close the cart door? Or worse, opening a… Read more »