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All-In-One Wash Indicator

Wouldn’t it be wonderful if there was an all-in-one product that you could use to test your detergent, cleaning process, ultrasonics, automated cleaners and even soaking bins? With Case Medical’s Case Soil Indicator®, there is! Case Soil Indicator® is the first all-in-one wash indicator that is designed to be used anywhere cleaning solutions are used.… Read more »

Visit Our Booth at AORN

It’s spring and the healthcare convention and trade show season is upon us. This gives us an opportunity to learn together and to share our ideas, best practices, and our latest innovations. Vendors with quality products have one thing in common ­ they can provide value to a healthcare facility and contribute to the bottom… Read more »

Case Medical Provides Cost Savings

Broken scopes, dull scissors, leaking flexible scopes. Does this sound like your facility? Individual healthcare facilities can spend hundreds of thousands of dollars per year on repairs with the most dollars spent on fragile endoscopes and specialty instrumentation. This does not take even into account the tens of thousands of dollars required to replace even… Read more »

Case Medical Puts it All Together

Do you ever have wet packs and need absorbent liners to wick moisture? Do you need to extend your dry time to 45 minutes or more to hopefully have a dry load? Do you know whether your container system is compatible with minimally invasive devices, low temperature sterilizers or even has lumen clearances? While all… Read more »

Solutions to Optimize Your Instrument Inventory

Missing instruments and devices are a common problem that has a profound effect on scheduling and efficiency in both SPD and the OR, and can certainly affect the facility’s bottom line. Instruments can be accidentally thrown out, lost, or even stolen ­ which is exactly what a San Antonio, TX facility recently experienced. In a… Read more »

Case Medical Makes it Easy!

Are all the instruments in your sets being used? What if there was a way to… Slash instrument set assembly time by more than 10 minutes? Reduce instrument inventory and number of sets sent to the OR? Remove tens of thousands of pounds of instruments annually from reprocessing? Reduce OR time by over 20 minutes?… Read more »

Case Medical Receives New 510K

Maintaining our status of universal compatibility, we are pleased to announce that our SteriTite® container system and MediTray® products are now FDA 510k cleared for use with TSO3 Inc’s STERIZONE® VP4 sterilization system (distributed by Getinge). Meeting all TSO3 device claims, the SteriTite® container once again demonstrated efficacy in fractional cycles and with multi­level stacked… Read more »

We’ve All Heard it Before: If it’s Not Clean, it’s Not Sterile

Unfortunately, many surgical instruments go through the cleaning process without getting thoroughly clean. How do you ensure that your cleaning equipment is working properly? Or that the detergent you’re using is effective? Without knowing these answers, how can you guarantee that your surgical devices are safe for patient care? It is critical to monitor the… Read more »

Addressing Some of the Most Important Patient Safety Issues

Regardless of position, as healthcare professionals, our job comes down to one thing: the patient. Whether doctor, nurse or sterile processing technician, our goal is to ensure each patient is provided a safe environment. Per Becker’s Healthcare, among the 10 top patient safety issues for 2017 are growth of antibiotic resistance, and sterilization and reprocessing… Read more »