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Best Practices: Wheel of Fortune

Good is no longer good enough when the best is expected. Discover the importance of service excellence in today’s healthcare environment and identify strategies that can help you rise to a level of service excellence at your facility. Case Medical dedicates itself to the golden standards within the healthcare industry, let us show you how.

To Flash or Not to Flash, Expediency or Necessity

Flash Sterilization has become routine practice at some facilities. How can the process be improved? When is it truly needed? What is required for validation? Is it better to be quick or to be thorough? Let’s debate the issue, and review the policy and practices that go into sterilization.

Risky Business: Sterilization Solutions for the New Millennium

Challenging scenarios in our rapidly changing healthcare world. Focus: infection control solutions, including new methods of sterilization and verification. Discussion of infectious pathogens and a review of sterilization solutions from around the world in a headline news show format.

Rigid Reusable Container Systems

The history, the current AAMI standards, and the issues involved in selecting and utilizing rigid container systems are all covered in this presentation. Case Medical dissects the materials and the motives behind these rigid reusable containers and shows you why purchasing one is the way of the future.

Proper Sterile Packaging

A review of packaging options for surgical instruments. From linen to disposable wrap to sealed containers, Sterile Processing and OR managers are faced with a variety of choices. Let’s look at the options and the science. Case Medical empowers you to make the hard choices easier in your Sterile Processing Department!

Sustainable Solutions

Worldwide healthcare professionals are looking for products and solutions that offer better patient outcome. This includes truthful information, validation testing, standardized procedures and ethical behavior. Explore sustainable solutions that contribute to safe patient outcome and “Sacred Cows” or rituals that are merely followed.

Setting a New Standard for Reprocessing Custom Trays

Have you been concerned about loaners, extended reprocessing times and how to achieve compliance with standard cycles? A Program for SPD and Materials Managers: Join medical device manufacturers in a problem solving workshop, to discuss the effects of loaners, extended reprocessing times, sterilization parameters and packaging options on standard hospital practices.

Loaner Trays, Challenges and Solutions

Consignment trays are a challenge with handling issues and now extended re-processing times. Let’s explore the problems, put our ideas together and find some answers to the latest sterilization challenge. With Case Medical you will be able to solve even the toughest consignment issues.

Hospital Acquired Infections and Prevention

HAIs have become a hot topic in the media and the public at large. Sterile processing personnel play a critical role in patient care and infection prevention. Case Medical wants to help you protect your patients, and we put infection prevention at the focus in all that we do. Follow this presentation to learn more… Read more »

Disaster Preparedness and Recovery for Healthcare Professionals

While many emergencies are unpredictable, steps can be taken to align policies and systems designed to protect the health and safety of individuals and communities. Emergency preparedness, response and recovery are key components of effective response to public health emergencies and readiness in times of disaster.