Category: Presentations

Decontamination Detectives

There are many things that can go wrong despite the best of intentions. This workshop will use critical thinking skills and investigation to overcome a real world decontamination challenge. This challenge will provide hands on knowledge to you and your team.

Creating and Enforcing SPD Procedures

Policies and procedures are required to guide the day-to-day operations of the department. Discuss key elements necessary for a successful SPD policy/procedure system. Case Medical provides valuable insight into the rules behind the operations, and help standardize the processes faced on a daily basis.

Crafty Case Solutions: Ways to Solve Procedure Tray Clutter

Techniques and options for organizing surgical instrument sets amongst a group of diverse staff. Lecture and hands on workshop. Case Medical provides on-site training and individual workshops to increase product knowledge and help workers remove the clutter within your trays.

Cleaning, The Critical First Step

Cleaning is essential for all further decontamination steps, and can impact patient as well as staff safety. Explore the “science of cleaning”. Learn to differentiate between different instrument chemistries, understand the importance of water quality and how to assess product and process effectiveness.

Challenges Impacting Re-Processing of Reusable Devices

Decontamination is a requirement for sterilization of patient care items. A combination of people, process and product are critical to ensure safe patient outcome. Focus: cleaning, the critical first step and verification for quality control.