Hear what Case Medical has to say about the Trade War

Tariffs are Bad for Business

Case Medical was recently interviewed and videotaped by The Bergen Record, a regional Northern New Jersey newspaper. Case Medical, a medical device manufacturer located in Bergen County, NJ, has been impacted by the tariffs for foreign imports of raw materials. In fact, Case Medical has always purchased American-made metals including aluminum and stainless steel, which constitutes 90% of the company’s raw materials. Now, for the first time in many years, we are hampered by reduced supply of American-made metals and may be forced to look outside of the U.S. Learn more about how tariffs have affected New Jersey companies and other American manufacturers by clicking here to access the article, In Trump’s trade war with China, N.J. manufacturers are on the front lines, published by The Bergen Record.

Thank you, The Bergen Record, for your efforts to promote New Jersey industry and for informing readers on the issues many of us face today. Click below to take a tour of our facility, and see how we utilize some of these affected materials in our daily work.

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