Modulality is built into our DNA. All of our components are interchangeable. Each product is composed of modules that serve multiple purposes. This flexibility of design is incorporated into everything we do at Case Medical.

Most instrument sets are either too simple with wrapped or containerized basket only, or too customized with a very specific layout.  That can be true of software as well as other products designed for a limited specific purpose. A modular concept provides more flexibility, better return on investment, and satisfies surgeon’s preference for a set of instruments that meets their needs.

Since 1992, Case Medical has designed and manufactured custom sets with pre-determined configurations for other medical device manufacturers. What we found was that the specific layout and instrumentation provided was often unnecessary and not used in practice by the surgeon performing the procedure. As a result, Case Medical developed a patented modular system for healthcare facilities and for our OEM customers of sealed containers, trays, and numerous inserts that can be used for any surgical specialty and reconfigured to make new sets. Furthermore, we provide assessment services as a value-add to determine which components can be used to simplify sets to meet the needs of your facility for organization, instrument protection, ease of use, and as a cost savings.

Modularity in Design

This design approach subdivides a system into smaller parts called modules or skids that can be independently created and then used in different systems. Besides the reduction in costs, modularity combines the advantages of standardization with those of customization. Case Medical has numerous modular components that can be utilized to meet your specific requirements and has over 25 years of experience to do so.

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