Three “A”s for Infection Prevention Success in 2019

New Year …. New Commitment to Infection Prevention

Happy New Year!

When making your list of resolutions for 2019, consider adding a commitment to break the “Breach and Blame” cycle that inevitably follows a failure in instrument reprocessing practices.

Instead of focusing energy on post-incident arguments and finger pointing that inevitably follow significant breaches in procedure, consider initiating a dialogue aimed at minimizing the chances of these situations occurring in the first place. Conversations like this are never easy, but the following recommends a team-oriented process based on 3-A’s that can help the chances of success.


  • Review — go over the policies and protocols at your facility to help the team identify and credibly address violations.
  • Read – find and articles like this one on Point of Use Cleaning and share them with team to improve the knowledge base.
  • Ratify — write a team pledge that commits to following all best practices, without cutting corners.


  • Socialize —share the pledge with key Infection Prevention stakeholders so everyone knows that Sterile Processing takes infection control and patient safety seriously.
  • Publicize—make the pledge visible, perhaps hang in on the break room wall and revisit it regularly.
  • Energize—identify problems early, report them promptly and propose solutions proactively. Make the pledge real


  • Join Forces —constantly work to break down the departmental boundaries that divide teams.
  • Talk it Out —initiate team conversations about incidents reported in real news stories and how to address them.
  • Ask Questions — request feedback from a variety of sources and implement suggestions that make the team stronger.

Let us know if Case Medical can help you with your 2019 Infection Prevention success story!

Warm Regards,
Marcia Frieze, CEO, and the Case Medical Team

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