What do Adidas and Case Medical Have in common?

What do Adidas and Case Medical have in common?


Sustainability is not simply a good habit, it is the right thing to do for people and for the environment. At Case Medical, our mission is to promote best practices for the health and well-being of patients, healthcare staff and future generations.

Case Medical is proud to be awarded a US EPA Safer Choice Partner of the Year for manufacturer formulator, to participate in the CleanGredients advisory board, to be a contributor to the Sustainability Road Map for Hospitals, and now be a qualified participant in The Chemical Footprint Project.


The Chemical Footprint Project allows us to benchmark the reduction and elimination of hazardous chemicals and challenges us to stay innovative – providing only the safest products for patient care and the environment.

This project spans across all industries and other participants include:  Adidas, Levi Strauss and Seventh Generation, just to name a few.  Over the past two years, participating companies have reduced their use of hazardous chemicals in products by approximately 416 million pounds – enough to fill 3,600 swimming pools. We are proud to be a part of this movement.

Contact us today to learn more about our sustainable instrument chemistries and how Case Medical can help make a difference in your environmental footprint.

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