08 Jun
Toxic anterior segment syndrome (TASS) is an acute, noninfectious inflammation of the eye, it is a complication of cataract extraction surgery. One thing is clear there is no one cause of TASS. Did you know that there are so many possible causes of TASS that the CDC sums it up this way: “… most cases (of TASS) are attributed to…
01 Jun
Join us tomorrow for an inside look at what it takes to manage an SPD, we'll discuss critical aspects of the job including; the role of the manager, effective coaching, quality assurance and continuous improvement, are some of the topics. Case Medical presents this as a free online experience, part of our ongoing commitment to better outcomes for patients and…
24 May
Some are… Some aren’t. Single use wipes have become very popular for cleaning surfaces, wiping baby butts, for personal care, and throughout healthcare facilities for numerous purposes. Afterall, they are convenient, easy to use, single use, and come in a handy package.
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