Friday, 22 December 2023 17:16

It's Christmastime in the Cosmos

At Case Medical, we believe in science, innovation, safer chemical usage, and better patient outcomes. Just the other day, we came across this article in the NY Times that demonstrates how unique our planet is and how lucky we are to exist in the vast universe...

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If you look at a calendar and think, “Aw, it’s not even Christmas week yet. I’ve got plenty of time to shop,” you’re not alone. A new survey finds that 74% of consumers plan to do some last-minute shopping this year and 57% expect to do exactly that when it comes to buying gift cards...

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As discussed last week, the healthcare industry contributes to solid waste production, greenhouse gasses, and climate change. While a true statement, the news is that there are also ways that healthcare can reduce the impact it has on the environment, while reducing costs. Rigid reusable sealed sterilization containers are one of the best options for reducing hospital waste. Nevertheless, not all containers are created equal.


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