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19 Apr

Spring Cleaning is a good thing at home and in the SPD

“Nothing feels quite as satisfying as coming home to a house that's so clean it practically sparkles.” And isn’t the same true for our workplaces and certainly for healthcare facilities? Springtime is here, throw open the windows, let in the sunshine and fresh air. Spring is a time for renewal after all. We here at Case Medical offer this checklist to help:

Organize Sterile Storage

Spring is a great time to check sterile storage. Toss or reprocess any outdated items you find in there. Yes, consumables and supplies need to be reviewed and discarded when the expiration date is reached. Remember to organize stock first in, first out.  Ensure that items can be located and placed where they can be found. Case Medical’s CaseTrak360® software can help keep sterile storage organized. With incredible asset management and inventory maintenance capabilities combined with UDI and 2D barcode scanning, CaseTrak360® makes managing your inventory department a snap. In the meantime click on our Spring Cleaning checklist for a handy copy for your immediate needs.


Check outdates

Even reusable containers have a shelf life. Ours do for 365 days.  That means when the date is reached you need to reprocess.  All that’s needed as a reminder is to check the date using the SteriTite container unique bar code to determine the end of shelf life. Check your containers for functionality and surface integrity. Containers can last just so long if they are not properly cleaned with a compatible pH neutral cleaner.  Use a caustic cleaner or environmental wipe and now the surface integrity is compromised. Here’s a simple way to check if the anodized seal is intact.

Inspect your containers for surface integrity

Do the Sharpie test. Spring cleaning also means maintenance and quality control. Make a small mark with a Sharpie permanent marker on the surface of your container and let dry for a minute or so. Then use Case Medical’s CSR Ink & Adhesive remover to clear off the mark. If there’s no sign of the mark on the surface of the SteriTite container after application the anodizing is still in good shape. If you can see the mark or a ghost of the mark chances are that the anodized surface is worn through, and the container needs to be replaced.

CSR and Sharpie Test


Clean environmental surfaces

Keeping all your high traffic touch points free of greasy fingerprints, dust and stains is as easy as wiping them with our multi-enzymatic Penta Wipes. Be sure to start from top to bottom, and bonus points if you follow-up with our Alcohol Wipes which speed drying and remove loosened soils! Remember when using cleaners (even wipes) rinsing is critical for devices as well as the sink and sonic basin in SPD.

Maintain and service your equipment

Clean up those pesky rust and mineral stains once and for all. To clean your autoclave and automated washer disinfector Case Medical’s Schmutzoff® descaler and stainless-steel cleaner is just what you need. For the autoclave apply, rinse and wipe the inside and outside. For your automated washer simply hookup your Schmutzoff®  to your machine and run a cycle and of course rinse afterwards. With all the requirements for maintaining your equipment, use CaseTrak360 maintenance schedule module to keep on track.


Disinfect your electronics

Bad news: Your cell phone and computer keyboard probably harbor more germs than a toilet seat. To clean your phone, power it down then wipe it with a Case Medical Alcohol Wipe. Let it air dry for a few minutes before wiping it dry with a paper towel or microfiber cloth once more. This same method works well to disinfect other electronics, like your computer keyboard and mouse.

With springtime here, give yourself the gift of a sparkling clean SPD, one that The Joint Commission would be proud of, and remember Case Medical is here to help with all the products you’ll need like Case Solutions, Schmutzoff®, PentaWipes, Alcohol Wipes, CSR Ink & Adhesive Remover, and of course CaseTrak360® to keep you on schedule.

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Kindest Regards,
Marcia Frieze and the Case Medical team

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